• better left 2 weeks to complete the steps of the Chinese Visa application process.
  • you can apply a Chinese visa of this homepage
  • if you apply the visa in Germany, it could be in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich. for standard service in 4 working days and for post service in 10 working days
  • Check the expiration date of your passport and renew immediately if required
  • The Chinese Consulate requires your passport during the Visa application process.

If you are traveling abroad prior to the Summit, you will need to factor your travel into the timing of your application.

In addition to the Sun Health issued invitation letter, which is required by the Chinese Consulate, the traveler should also provide an original letter from their employer stating its financial support of the trip


we will help issue the Invitation letter for the visa Application, you need to:

  • Complete all fields, including passport information

Passport Number:
Expiration Date:
Date of Birth:

  • Submit a scanned copy of your passport information page
  • Send the invitation infomation and scanned passport by email to

Sun Health will need 3 days to issue the invitation letter.  Please submit the information for the Invitation Letter as soon as possible following Summit registration, and no later than 04. July. 2018 to make sure you have enough time to apply for your Chinese visa.